Silvia Novellino

Mobile: +34 647 281 537


I was born in Buenos Aires but moved to Spain 15 years ago, since when I have been settled in La Herradura.

I have seen my two children grow up here and have worked in several roles within the leisure sector and vacation rentals, always linked to foreign tourism.
Over my years here I have developed expert knowledge of the area, with its stunning setting and gorgeous climate. I have formed a very broad sphere of influence comprising both treasured friends and people whose homes I have helped to buy or sell.
In 2013 I decided to take on a personal project, at a time when few had much faith in the real-estate sector.

In order to do so, I trained to managerial level, acquiring a solid knowledge of the real-estate market, especially in the La Herradura -Almuñecar area. This allows me to thoroughly brief my clients about the enviable lifestyle that this area affords, and ensure that they find the house of their dreams.
I love my job and have achieved my dream of developing my interpersonal skills in an international environment, enriching my life through dealing with clients and helping them through such an important phase in their lives.