The real estate specialist in La Herradura .

Select Real Estate was the brainchild of two women with a vision of how things could be done differently in the real estate world of the Costa Tropical.

We are Silvia Novellino and Fernanda Vidal, friends and partners, who created this company close to people, in order to help them, advise them, accompany them to find that lifestyle they want, get the house they imagine, or sell that property to go In search of another dream.Keen to professionalise the sector, we created a different way of approaching our work which we call the Select Method: we want to know precisely what our clients are feeling, and we learn this from listening to them, understanding their concerns, knowing what they want and what they need, being there for them at all stages of the process and ensuring that no detail is forgotten. The human touch is essential in our work. With this as our guiding principle, we have carefully added the right people to our team, recruiting professionals who share our vision to offer a broader range of services.

In this way, we were adding people to our team, professionals that complement us and provide more services. This is how we form this “team” of wonderful people with a great vocation and passion for what they do. Coordinator, lawyer, architect, photographer, home stager, agents and external collaborators, all of them add value to our work and, consequently, to our clients.We firmly believe a human connection must exist between us and our clients, ensuring all the guarantees, transparency, security and honesty along the way that you could hope for in the important process of buying a property.  To this end,  we are in constant communication, sensitive to any changes that may take place in our clients’ lives so we are in a position to offer advice whenever required.

Our formula of success through the Shared Exclusive Method and the Costa Tropical Agency Network, added to the database with foreign and national contacts and 15 years of experience in the real estate sector, allows us to guarantee that success we seek with the closing of numerous operations every year. Above all, however, we never forget our dream, the dream that inspires us to do better and go further every day: helping our clients to find “Your place in the world”.


Our winning formula, based on the shared Exclusive Method and the Costa Tropical Network of Agencies, together with our domestic and foreign contacts and 15 years’ experience in the real estate sector, means we can offer the greatest benefits to buyers and sellers alike.


Fernanda Vidal

Exclusive agent


+34625 575 716

Silvia Novellino

Exclusive agent


+34647 281 537

Dita Grunte

Exclusive agent


+34621 301 274

Leticia Galdeano

Office coordinator


+34654 512 699

Mauricio Martínez León


Angelo Rodriguez


Mayte Fragueiro

Home Staging

Alejandro Pérez Castro



We love people who are open, unconditional, sincere, empathetic, committed, and enthusiastic.

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